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Middletown Art Show


Up with School Arts was happy to once again sponsor the Middletown Art Show. Many different types of artwork was on display from many different student artists.  What a way to show students hard work throughout the year!

New England Percussion Ensemble


Up with School Arts delivered a thrilling performance to both Little Compton and Tiverton Schools, teaching children about all kinds of percussion instruments and culture. They were able to experience percussive sounds in a whole new way and learn about their role in communication.

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Due to the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, our projects and programs changed quite a bit! We were proud to offer schools supplies, including donating 12 guitars to Wilbur & McMahon Schools in Little Compton, as well as sponsor virtual participation in the New Bedford Symphony's program connecting flight patterns of birds with music. We were able to provide acess to this program to students in Tiverton, Little Compton, New Bedford, Middletown, and Portsmouth. We continue to support schools in any way we can during these trying times. To request sponsorship, click the request form above. 

Wilbur & McMahon School Band


Up with School Arts is thrilled to be lending on-going support to the Wilbur McMahon School Band program, which in turn has been instrumental (pun intented) in making the Portsmouth High School Band such a successful group of muscians. Many of the students from Little Compton move on to Portsmouth and become section leaders in the high school band.

New England Percussion Ensemble


The New England Percussion Ensemble visited Ranger School in Tiverton, teaching music, history, culture, and of course, percussion instruments, all in the form of a fun and exciting concert! The students were able to participate in the fun as they listened to the rocking sounds of the Percussion Ensemble

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Johnny the K

Johnny the K visited Wilbur & McMahon School in Little Compton, teaching students to be kind, be their best, and build character all through song and some funny hats! He brought smiles to all around him, teachers, students, and visitors alike. 

New Bedford Symphony Orchestra


​​The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra's "Gravity in Space and Sound" program was presented to the 3rd and 4th grade students of Little Compton's Wilbur McMahon Schools throughout the 2018-2019 school year. This year's educational program will feature an exciting exploration of the gravitational forces on the motion of moving objects. The Newbedford Orchestra came for an assembly, two classroom visits, and ended with a field trip to the Zeiterion Theater in April.

Atwater Donnelly

The Atwater Donnelly Duo will perform at the Wilbur McMahon Schools in Little Compton in December and again for Holy Family Holy Name School in New Bedford, MA in May. Their engaging performances will feature tradition folk songs and clog dancing.

Pottery Supplies

This May, Mr. Schreiner  at Tiverton Middle School taught his students how to make pottery from clay donated by Up With School Arts. The students made some great works of art while learning a new skill!

Pottery 4.jpg

Tiverton Summer String Camp

Summer String Camp will be offered to any string student with at least one year of experience or any beginner violin, viola, cello or string bass student who has signed up to be in a performing group this fall. String camp is a great opportunity for any student interested in learning the basics or "tuning up" their skills before returning to school. Camp will be run by Mr. Michael Daniels and Mrs. Renee Bond, both music teachers in the Tiverton Schools. We are very excited to once again be sponsoring this wonderful program!

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