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Calendar of Operations


Those involved in grant writing work to finish by set deadlines.  Individuals charged with supplying needed information about specific programing.


* Meeting to be sure all spring programs are ready for implementation.  Review of donations received from Winter Newsletter. Ideas for the July Fair discussed and   individuals charged with information gathering.


* Meeting to finalize July Fair assignments and set date for the Annual August Meeting.

* Middletown Art Fair.


* All at our booth for the Annual Little Compton Church Fair.  Child crafts / music / informational handouts.  Discuss assignments for Annual Meeting.



*  Annual Meeting and Financial Report. Open to the public, all donors and grant recipients invited.  Light apps served. Usually the first Thursday, 4PM to 6PM.

* Tiverton String Orchestra Camp.   



* Meeting at the end of the month to review the Annual Meeting and go over any new ideas for fund-raising and program requests.  Individual members charged with contacting teachers/performers to set up school programs. Be sure all Fall programs are ready for implementation.

* Ideas for Winter donation outreach.  Individual members charged with writing sections and providing photos.

*Accept new sponsorship requests for school programs.



* Meeting to review communications regarding programs and work on finalizing the format of the Winter Newsletter/donation requests.


* Winter Newsletter printed and certain members prepare for mailing by the first week of December.

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